Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peace Bridge Prez

Danish Canadian Club
727 - 11th Avenue SW

I attended the
Peace Bridge lunch presentation at the Danish Canadian Club this past Thursday. The bridge is penned by world renown architect Santiago Calatrava. When they first announced the bridge, everyone hated it. I'm pretty sure everyone still hates it. It was often compared to a Chinese finger trap. Maybe because it cost 25 million but look at it! It looks so unique! And cool! Maybe the colour selection wasn't the greatest but I'm willing to look pass it. Critics claim a 5 year old child can design something better but I beg to differ. I know it's hard to believe, but your kid isn't that gifted. You're just jealous you didn't think of it first. Get over it.

Anyway, the lunch. Roast beef with veggies and roasted potatoes. Seafood salad on the side, though you can't really see it underneath the giant piece of cheese over top of it. It was decent overall. The salad didn't have any flavour. At all. There was also some delicious cake which I didn't get a picture of. : O

And to end it all, we can just sit here and admire this sweet render of the new bridge over the Bow River courtesy of Santiago Calatrava.

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