Scenario 1: It’s the zombie apocalypse and you are stuck in your house. What you gonna do? Check out these sweet recipes! 
Scenario 2: You are invited to the hottest party in town. It’s a pot luck. You have no idea what to make. Solution? David’s recipe section. Done. Expect more cool party invites in the future. 
Scenario 3: The world supply of Kraft Dinner has been seized by an evil extreme terrorist group. The last remaining supply of KD are being sold for a bazillion dollars per box. No need to fret, check out these recipes! 
Scenario 4: It is 2 in the morning. You have run out of microwave dinners. The stores are not open. But you have an endless supply of (blank). It just so happens David has a wicked recipe for it on his blog. How convenient. 
I’m expecting this list to slowly grow, check back later (Probably not tomorrow) for more awesome recipes!

Don't forget, the secret ingredient is love. Add two teaspoons to make it taste amazing. Don't over do it though, 'cause it'll taste desperate if you add too much.