Sunday, October 24, 2010

Calgary is Landlocked?

Big Fish Dockside Food
1112 Edmonton Trail NE
The weekend is here and it's time for another restaurant! Yay! This week: Big Fish Dockside. Located at the top of the hill along Edmonton Trail, Big Fish shares the same building with Open Range (I think it's owned by the same people along with Diner Deluxe). I first heard about Big Fish from my friend Joel who said it was a wicked cool experience so I decided to check it out. 
We were told to seat ourselves when we arrived. I picked a table by the window so that I had maximum light for the photos. Our server arrived shortly after with the brunch menus. I knew what I wanted since I had already creeped the menu online. To start things off, I ordered the Lighthouse Coffee which is a dark(?) roast coffee with vanilla vodka, whipped cream and syrupy goodness. It is then finished off with this sweet plastic swordfish on top for stirring purposes. Unfortunately for me, I didn't stir it very good... So it was super sweet and creamy at the top and then when all the whipped cream was gone it was all bitter and stuff. Not bad though.
For my main, I ordered the soft shell crab club sandwich. It came with a side of coleslaw, watercress and a decent helping of crispy yam chips. The sandwich was pretty original, can't say that I've had soft shell crab in sandwich form before (Mostly in sushi rolls). Bursting out between two thick slices of bread was deep fried soft shell crab with lettuce, organic tomatoes and crispy bacon. This thing was pretty massive. I had to swish it down quite a bit just to eat it. Despite the fact that the crab was not very crispy and lukewarm (In fact, the bacon was crispier), it was still pretty decent. End of October is probably not the in season for fresh soft shell crabs. Nor is Calgary the soft shell crab hot spot in the world. The bread was kind of sloggy. Not sure where the water came from. I'm thinking probably the lettuce or tomatoes... But yeah. decent overall. There is definitely room for improvement. I would for sure give this another shot. A ho-hum 6 stars out of 10. 

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