Saturday, October 9, 2010

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Vero Bistro Moderne
209 10 St NW

Coming back from my site review in the middle of nowhere (Literally, I had to drive like 2 hours to get there), I stopped by Vero for some lunch. I was quickly seated upon arriving (probably because there was 1 other table being occupied. But to be fair, I was there shortly after 1 PM). I ordered the daily feature; A two course lunch for an sweet price of $15. I would like to point out that it used to be a 3 course meal for an incredibly low price of $15 dollars. In spite of this, I still think it is a pretty good deal. Just not an incredible deal. Unfortunately.

First up, fresh greens with a orange fennel dressing. It is topped with purple potato and shreds of carrots. Interesting presentation. Looks like a vegetable explosion. The dressing was very light and very refreshing. The wedge of purple potato threw me off, I was all like "umm... what is it?" and shoved it in my mouth anyway. The waitress later explained (To another table) that it was purple potato. Could you imagine if she was like Oh no! That was a mouldy potato, my apologies and took it back? I'd be at the hospital with food poisoning or something and not writing this awesome review (so modest, I know). But it's not. Just a purple potato. No biggie. Crispy and delicious though. Thumbs up for being a non conformist and not use something lame like a red potato or something.

Moving on. Just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend (Maybe), the entree consists of an "open face" turkey sandwich. What is an open face sandwich you may ask? Well... I'm no expert (literally. As you may know), but from what I was presented with, it's slices of bread with stuff, in this case turkey, placed on top and that's it. The top layer of bread that is normally found on sandwiches was nowhere to be found. No matter. The turkey, slow cooked to perfection, was extremely tender, the jus was very flavourful. Due to lack of picture taking skills you can't even see the turkey. Unfortunately. I guess you will have to make do with my vague descriptions. The "sandwich" comes with a side of fingerling potatoes and yam fries. They were seasoned lightly with salt and maybe cheese with a hint of citrus flavour. I quickly gobbled them up (Get it? Thanksgiving > Turkey > Gobble? I'm so clever).

9 Stars out of 10. Executive chef and owner Jenny always bring her A game to the table but to say that I wasn't slightly disappointed because the feature didn't come with a dessert would be lying. And I would never lie to you. You anonymous reader you. Stay awesome. Leave a comment. But seriously, it was delicious. I don't think I've ever gotten anything from their actual menu (for lunch anyway)... feature dish is where it's at. As a wise sage (not the plant, and by sage I mean server) once told me: "... Or you can order the [feature] and have the chef do what they do best - cook ..." Not quite exact words but words I live by. Sort of.

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