Saturday, November 20, 2010

You Going for Seconds?

Home Food Inn
5222 Macleod Trail S
Went to Home Food Inn for lunch last Friday. After giving Super Nat a hard time about her driving the whole trip down from the office;
"What's up with the gap between the car? You can parallel park 3 cars in there!"
"That's my reaction time!"
"That's your reaction time? I'm gonna need another seat belt for this!"
"You guys wanna listen to some Michael Jackson?"
"Hey! Both hands on the steering wheel! Eyes on the road!"
We finally came to a complete stop at the parking lot shortly after noon. In one piece too!
Upon arriving, we were quickly seated in the dinning area. No "party room" for us. Once settled, we headed to the buffet area. A decent selection of "Chinese" food sat in heated pans. I checked out all the counters before making my selections. Starting at the dim sum, I lifted the lid over the preserved meats with sticky rice. A vile stench filled the air. I nearly vomited in my mouth. I quickly placed the lid back over the untouched rice dish. Noooo thank you! I then moved on to grab some noodles. Three different types. The stir fry beef ho fen, Singapore noodles and e-foo noodles. I then topped off this mountain of noodles with some calamari, mushrooms, dry ribs, stir fry string beans with beef and bean sprouts for my daily veggie intake. 
The food was mediocre at best. Lets start at the peak of my all you can eat mountain - Bean sprouts. Decent. A little bland but that's okay. The stir fry string beans with beef was super greasy. Very flavourful though. Probably one of the better items I picked that day. Stir fry mushrooms and dry ribs were decent. But the dry ribs had massive bones. Pretty sure the meat to bone ratio was something along the lines of 1 to 10. That's not a good ratio. My calamari was lukewarm. The batter was a little soggy from sitting under the light and the meat was hard and stale. E-foo noodles were a little tasteless. Singapore noodles were leaning to the cold side of lukewarm. Very flavourful though. The stir fry beef ho fen was just plain bad. The noodles were hard and tasted like leftovers from 2 weeks ago. I didn't even bother eating it. Sick.
We made our way back to the buffet counters to check out the desserts. An decent selection of ice cream, jiggly jello, fruits and pastries. Two passes around the counters was in vain. Nothing appealed to my (apparently) snobby taste. Maybe it was the floors. Because they were super sticky. It's like they mopped it with sticky glue. Maybe to provide better grip for their patrons. Don't want to be dropping your plates now do you? 

The Scores:
Service - 5 out of 10. It's a buffet. I gotta get my own damn food.
Atmosphere - 5 out of 10. The "party room" was already taken.
Food - 3 out of 10. The preserved meat with sticky rice killed it. 
Cost - 7 out of 10. If you don't care what your food taste like then this is a sweet deal!
Overall - 4 out of 10. I guess I got a sweet review out of it. Sooo...
Home Food Inn also offers recipes on their website for some classic Asian dishes such as wonton soup! It looks pretty simple to make with 3 ingredients - boiling water, vegetables and pre-made broth. 
That's right ladies and gentlemen. Wonton soup does not in fact include wontons. Common misconception. 

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  1. We ordered noodle soup here that tasted like three ingredients-- water, frozen vegetables and not enough fake soup base. Too gross for consumption.
    The dumplings we ordered were just huge balls of dough, with very little meat.Watery soup for four, and dough balls cost 50 bucks take out! Ridiculous.