Friday, November 12, 2010

I Got This Gift Card...

Caffe Artigiano
100-332 6 Ave SW
So I was waiting at the crosswalk on my way to work last week. Out the corner of my eye, I noticed there was a group of people in matching outfits (Jackets and scarfs). Tourist, I thought. I looked over to meet the eyes of one of the girls. She was cute. I coolly looked away as she began to walk over. 
"Hey how's it going?" She asked. 
"Good" I replied, "how are you?" 
She was apparently doing "great" and was in town to promote the city of Regina. While I waited for the light to change, we went through a quick slideshow on her iPad on how great Regina is and how thousands of jobs are currently being created. The light finally changed after what felt like an eternity, she thanked me for my time and gave me a gift card to Caffe Artigiano to enjoy a free coffee (No number written on the back. Damn). 
Gift card in hand, I decided to check out the coffee shop a couple days later. Originating from the city of Vancouver, Caffe Artigiano made the treacherous trek across the mountains to open up a new store in Calgary back in 2008. Located on the main floor of Centrum Place on 6th avenue (It's the slanted building. Can't miss it), Caffe Artigiano has a reputation of serving some of the world's finest specialty coffee and gourmet sandwiches. 
Scanning the giant menu on the wall, there wasn't too many options available. Prices appear to be in line with other coffee shops, big names and locals. I prayed the gift card will cover at least the cost of my drink. I ordered a Spanish latte. Apparently it is combination of sweetened condensed milk and whole milk (Please correct me if I'm wrong) with expresso. Decent, not too sweet. 

In addition to the latte, I also had the chicken with brie panini. It came with a side of bland pasta salad. The panini was decent. Strips of chicken with lettuce and melted brie sandwiched between a toasted panini with a fig jam or something. Nothing too spectacular. Can't say that I'm falling head over heels for their sandwiches. 

6 stars out of 10. The gift card was worth $2.50. That's about half a cup of coffee. Her number would have been worth more to me. I should have asked her out for a coffee date and used the gift card she gave me. 


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  1. The food isn't spectacular, but as an amateur coffee aficionado (I drink a lot of coffee), I can say they pull a mighty fine shot of espresso.