Friday, August 6, 2010


Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi
1608 Centre Street N

I checked out Shikiji way back when they first opened (I don't remember what year but it was a long time ago). My first impression, although a little fuzzy now, was not the greatest. It never stood out as being spectacular and I remember my parents complaining about how expensive it was. Fast forward to 2010, Shikiji is the talk of the town (slight exaggeration). Everyone is talking about how it's the
bomb and the ramen and noodles are amazing! Naturally, I had to go check it out...

I had the BBQ Pork Ramen. And as the title of this entry suggests, it was "Meh". The noodles were soggy and the soup was bland. The BBQ pork, although in abundance, was stringy and had no flavour. I would much rather have quality over quantity. 7
PT Cruisers does not equal a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. This bowl of mediocrity was topped with a quarter stock of bok choy of the large variety and chopped scallions (I know, I was confused too). It was a pretty pitiful attempt given the rave reviews by friends and on urbanspoon. The one cool thing I found was they brought out the sesame seeds in a suribachi so I could grind them up myself. It was definitely a cool experience that I've also had elsewhere.

The service was interesting... They were definitely trying too hard, perhaps to compensate for the quality of food. Maybe the owners pay their employees minimum wage and they really need the tip to make a living. My server was a bit of a tool though, asking questions like "Would you like something to drink?" and "Would you like to order something?" Really? No... I'm just gonna sit here and take up space. Of course I want to order something! The appropriate question here would be "
What would you like to order?" I'm pretty certain he came by at least a couple of times in a 10 minute span to see if everything was alright. It almost felt like he poisoned my ramen and wanted to see if I passed out or not so he can rob me. With the prices they charge, it sure felt like I got robbed. 2 starts out 10.

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  1. You sound like a douche. I'm pretty sure that attentive service is something that Calgary is lacking, and to call someone a tool for visiting your table to check up on you, is pretty ridiculous. No one asked for your english lessons nor your presumptions of what the employers pay their staff. Good food is good food, and obviously you don't know how to distinguish what that is. Your blog sucks.

  2. Thanks for the post. I agree that a direct attack on the server is a complete dick move and totally uncalled for; However, I do believe there is a fine line between attentive service and annoyance. I'm trying to enjoy my meal and don't need someone hovering over my shoulders asking me how everything is every two minutes. Once or twice during a course would be appropriate. I had a bowl of ramen so once would have been more than sufficient. Anyway, taste is a relative term and I thought my noodles were not very good.

  3. Who's the "tool"? I'd say you are. I've had the pleasure of dining at Shikiji many times. In addition to many other fantastic dishes (Katsu Curry Don is one of my favourites), I have had the ramen. I've never had reason to question the quality of the food at Shikiji as it's always been top-notch, fresh and delicious. AND, to me, the service at Shikiji has never been an annoyance. I find the staff there provide just the right amount of service with a smile. Get over yourself Dave... err... David.

  4. I think Shikiji should have a fan appreciation night for all you faithfuls out there!