Monday, August 9, 2010


8000 11 St SE

Went chair shopping with my mom this weekend at Ikea. It was an tedious process. She's looking something so specific. High back, not swirly, no wheels. Comfy enough for use while playing free cell on the computer. Light enough to be easily moved to the living room to watch Asian soaps. After debating for over an hour on the showroom floor, we finally opted to go with a heavy, swirly office chair.

We stopped by the Ikea cafeteria for some quick eats before heading downstairs to pick up the chair. I had the swedish meatballs. Thinking... Ikea... Sweden... Swedish meatballs... Can't go wrong, right? Wrong. So very very wrong. Upon ordering, the assembly line of staff slapped together a plate of 15 meatballs and a pile of fries. The meatballs, likely from a giant bag labelled Köttbullar in the marketplace freezer downstairs, were mushy and bland. Tasted like chewy plastic at best. The lingonsylt, also likely from the marketplace shelves downstairs, helped by adding flavour to the meatballs. The fries were average. Nothing too spectacular.

0 stars out of 10. I feel like a food snob now. I can't fathom why people think the cafeteria at Ikea is great. Blows my mind away. They should stick with furniture. Avfall indeed. Also, if anyone cares, we got
Markus chair and removed the wheels.

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