Saturday, August 28, 2010

Economic Stimulus Package

200 - 8th Avenue SE

So on Thursday at 'round 11:30, I had a little window pop up on my computer screen. It was Jordan sending me a message on communicator (Think 'msn' but not free) asking if I had any lunch plans. Music to my ears (Eyes)! He suggested we go somewhere with a patio. "Teatro!" I responded. I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes when he saw it. I rattled off a couple more locations but quickly reminded him about Teatro's "Economic Stimulus Package" and sent him the link. He caved. I fist pumped. And when the clock strike 12, we headed to the restaurant.

Located in the historic Dominion Bank building on the same block as Olympic Plaza and the Epcor Center along Stephen Avenue, Teatro opened its doors in the fall of 1993 serving up fine Italian cuisines to its patrons.

I'm not sure when the economic stimulus package was first introduced, but I suspect it would have been shortly after when "shit hit the fan" back in '08. $15 bistro lunches. 5 delicious options were available. Upon being seated in the sunny patio (There's second patio around the side of the building that is not all dark and shady), the waiter informed us they had ran out of the rotisserie chicken. But that's alright. Because I was eyeing the salmon burger. As we waited for our food, we had a gander at what the tables beside ours had. 5 rotisserie chickens. It looked amazing and I was starting to regret not coming earlier. My salmon burger arrived shortly and it looked just as delicious as the chicken.

Sandwiched between a freshly baked dinner roll type bun was a salmon patty, lettuce and tomatoes with a dill mayo type sauce. It came with a side of fresh greens with a olive oil type dressing, fries with a homemade tomato sauce (aka ketchup) and a spicy mayo dip. The salad was topped with chopped up asparagus and some melted parmesan cheese chip thing. You know the little crusty cheese bit that hangs off the bottom of your cheese buns? It's just like that and it's super delicious. The salmon patty was very favourful and the bread was soft (Not quite as soft as the memory foam focaccia bread from Charcut. Close. But not quite). And for an amazing low price of just $15, this was an amazing deal. And to think we almost went to Vicious Circle... 7.5 stars out of 10.

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