Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ratings are overrated...

370 17th Avenue SW

It's Sarah's last day at work last Friday so we went to Avocado for lunch to wish her well before she returns to school. I checked out the
'Spoon to see what people had to say about the place before I left and was shocked to see it rated at -45%. That's pretty low. I cringed. But Sarah's a good friend (Introduced me to my other love, Frisbee. The first love being food.) and she assured me it was really good. We arrived shortly after noon after a quick stop at the bank (no dollas in the wallet), thankfully we were not the last to get there. When everyone finally showed up, we ordered our food. I had the Ranchero Fajita Burrito. Wrapped in a flour tortilla were strips of medium rare tenderloin with sauteed peppers and onions, medley of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and topped with a "spicy" ranchero sauce. The burrito is then toasted and served with some crispy tortilla chips and salsa. I'm not a avid spicy food eater but I didn't find it to be very spicy at all. The portions were decent. The filling was oozing out of the wrap and dripping all over the place (Maybe I'm just a sloppy eater. Don't judge.).

I can't say that I'm a connoisseur of Mexican food (Or any type of food for that matter. I just like to stuff my face and blab. If you haven't noticed already.), but it really wasn't THAT bad. I thought, taste wise, it was decent. No points for added for authenticity (Or apparently lack thereof). 6 stars out of 10.

On a side note (I was told to mention this in the blog), Brendan ordered a chicken salsa club. It arrived unsandwiched and he proceeded to eat each half separately. What a newb. Despite this inefficient and rather embarrassing approach, he still managed to finish before everyone. Definitely put
Takeru Kobayashi to shame.

And special shout out to Sarah, best of luck to you at school! You best be back when you finish!

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