Monday, May 17, 2010

Rice it up

Sun's BBQ Restaurant
1413 Centre Street NW

Let me first warn you that if you are looking a place with great service, this... is not it. There are probably a few health violations but if you are willing to look pass all that sketchiness, this is a pretty decent place. I got one of my favorite dish today; Indonesian Fried Rice. Fried rice served in its own mini wok with dried shredded pork, beef, shrimp and topped off with a fried egg. Is it real authentic Indonesian food? I don't know... Is it delicious? You bet! It's been a week and I haven't died from food poisoning, so just won't worry about it.


  1. anything with pork can't be authentic Indonesian... most of the people here don't eat pork. And the fried rice isn't brown enough to be authentically Indonesian.

  2. Thanks for the info! Definitely appreciate the feedback!