Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pasty Pastry

Manuel Latruwe Belgian Patisserie & Bread Shop
1333 - First Street SE

The Belgian Pastry place is really hoppin' on Wednesday. A tour bus dropped off a bunch of hungry tourists and everything was selling out. The couple in front snagged the last delicious looking bacon and potato quiche. Now I will never know just how amazing it could have tasted. So instead I got this ham and cheese croissant:

It was delicious, the roll was super flaky and I melted the cheese just right with the work microwave. 31 seconds. Note the photo was taken prior to the radiation treatment.

In addition, I got this fancy strawberry tart. It was so pretty, it was almost wrong to eat it. Almost. Because it was so insanely spectacularly delicious. Actually, it would have been a waste to not eat it. Om nom nom nom.

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