Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Escoba Bistro and Wine Bar
624 - 8TH AVE SW

Went to Escoba for dinner with the family to celebrate mother's day this weekend. Serving mediterranean inspired foods, every menu item has a recommended wine pairing to enhance the experience. I love Escoba, I went a few years ago when they were still in the basement of the Penny Lane Mall. They had this lava cake dessert that was called O.M.G., and O.M.F.G. it was so amazingly delicious. I have gone a few times since then but they seem to have removed it from their menu. It's a shame because it was so good.

This time around, we tried the shrimp, asiago and gorgonzola stuffed mushrooms. It's 10 times better than the prosciutto and brie stuffed mushrooms that I made. : ( The rustic atmosphere is dimly lit making photo taking difficult. My apologies for the bad photo quality.

For the main course, I had the daily special. A salmon filet stuffed with more seafood (I forget what), served over a potato patty and roasted veggies. Normally, I prefer my salmon in sashimi form with a little soya sauce and wasabi but this was pretty delicious. The flesh was still very tender and not at all dried out.

Avenue Diner
105 - 8th Avenue S.W.

Went for brunch at Avenue Dinner with one of my high school best friends Darcie today. I was a little worried when I got a text from her as I headed over to the diner that morning saying that we were placed on the waiting list. Was this going to be another Cora experience where the lines stretched for miles? As I approached the diner, I saw that the line has not yet extended outside to the street. A sigh of relieve. I saw a group of people heading towards the diner so I hauled ass in there. I entered the establishment to greet my friend and she informed me it will be a 5 minute wait, which is not really that bad (Considering I've waited 30 minutes at Cora before, which was worth the wait by the way).

Shortly after being seated, I ordered the avenue stuffed French toast. It was topped with grilled apples, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and a single gooseberry. The apples were a little sour so I loaded it up with the sweet tasty apple syrup. The french toast was stuffed with smoked bacon and brie. It was super delicious. The bacon and brie was very mild which complemented the sweet taste of fruit (not the apples), powdered sugar and syrup really well. Delish!

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