Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Sakana Grill
10 Crowfoot Circle NW

After a hard day of paintballing with friends for my friend Hazel's birthday, we headed to Sakana Grill in Crowfoot for dinner. I ordered the Takoyaki for my appetizer to share. Takoyaki is a fried Japanese dumpling stuffed with a chunk of octopus inside the ball of batter and topped with katsuobushi (fish shavings), mayo and some sauce. The dough super delicious.

For my main, I ordered a bunch of nigiri and rolls from the sushi sheet (Note that not everything on the plate was mine). I had the Amaebi (Raw prawn), Mirugai (
Geoduck), Hotate (Scallop), Tako (Octopus), Sake (Salmon), Toro (Tuna belly) and the truck tires... I mean, house special roll. Look at the roll in the middle... seriously, it's massive. It's twice the size of the other ones! I think Sakana Grill might be the only sushi place I've been to that serves geoduck sushi. It's probably not their most popular item. I tried "making" geoduck sushi at home once, it wasn't very good, but I think it's probably because we got the cheap stuff at T & T. The sea taste was really overwhelming. And not in a good way. It was a little better at Sakana Grill. I might have to try it again at home.

The sushi was decent overall, some of the items could have been fresher (Salmon) but you can't really argue with the price. Which isn't to say you should go for the cheapest sushi available but $2.10 for Toro?! I should have ordered like 10. That's like half the price of other places! It's good enough so you won't feel sick afterwards but it's not the best. For those interested, the rolls at the very top are the dynamite rolls, smoked salmon with cucumbers on the left. Second piece from the left on the bottom is the Kani (Crab) and second from the right is Sake (Smoked salmon).

All this was followed by a delicious marble cake from Cakeworks. Though delicious, some was wasted by smearing on the birthday girl. We're a very classy group. Must be the Sapporo.

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