Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Ain't No Filet-O-Fish

#270, 14th Ave SE, Macleod Trail South
Lunch at loungeburger last Friday to celebrate my coworker Arvid's birthday. At a quarter to twelve, we round up the troops to head over to the restaurant. Everyone except me. I was on the phone takin' care of some biznat. When I finally got off the phone, several minutes after noon, I hauled ass over to loungeburger. Good thing I've been training for my half marathon (which is in less than 2 weeks! AHhhh!) as I was able to make it to the restaurant just as everyone was about to order. I had crept the menu earlier that morning, so I knew what I wanted. Sort of. Well... I wanted the $40 Lounger but that's not even on the menu anymore. : ( I guess there wasn't a huge demand for it. Which is really unfortunate because I REALLY wanted to try it. To the staff of loungeburger, if you are reading this, bring back the $40 lounger like Justin brought sexy back. But better. Anyway, I was deciding between the ahi tuna and the kobe beef.
The waitress took our orders in order of where we sat. But it didn't really seem to matter because when the food came out, it was like who ordered the southwest burger with waffle cut fries? My ahi tuna burger with a side of skinny fries was the last to arrive. Like the tiger shrimp burger from last time, tuna meat was turned into patty form with various herbs and spices mixed in. At first glance, I had thought the tuna had been thoroughly cooked but a monster sized bite revealed a tuna patty that is only seared on the outside. Served on a whole wheat bun, the patty is dressed with a wasabi-lime aioli, topped with slices (two) of cucumber and lettuce and drizzled with a sweet soy dressing. The resulting flavours was surprisingly fresh and light. No nasal stimulation from the wasabi-lime aioli. Delish! Nothing too fancy with the skinny fries. Russ ordered some onion rings which looked and tasted pretty amazing. Might try that next time. 8 stars out of 10.

Special birthday shout out to Arvid! Happy Birthday! Wooh!


  1. Last time Arvid and I went to Loungeburger, the wasabi-lime aioli sounded good, but I was nervous that it would kill my tastebuds. I'll have to try it next time.

  2. I think when you cook wasabi, it gets diluted or something and the flavour is not as strong. Or maybe they use a weaker kind.

    I notice they put a massive wad of it when you order the steak at Japanese Village. My eyeballs literally popped out of my skull the first time I saw it. But I couldn't taste it at all. : )