Sunday, October 31, 2010


Muku Japanese Ramen
326 14 St NW
Muku Japanese Ramen is the only place (that I know of) in the city that is dedicated to serving ramen and nothing else. Fortunately for them, it's pretty good. Better than Shikiji anyway. Muku offers the three main variations of the soup: Tonkotsu, pork bone soup; Shoyu, soya sauce based; and Miso, miso based soup. 
I had the tonkotsu chashu ramen. It is the Tonkotsu ramen with extra pork (5 extra slices to be exact). The first time I had ramen was in Japan a few years ago. It was the tonkotsu variety. I loved it because it was so flavourful and I just stuck with it. Unfortunately, I have yet to try out the other variations. One day... 
The ramen at Muku was decent. The extra chashu was a little on the lean and stringy side but there was two fattier pieces that was super delicious. In addition to the chashu, the ramen is also topped with a slice of kamaboko, chopped scallions and baby corn. The texture of the ramen was firm but not too chewy. Soup was pretty flavourful. Not super salty. Decent overall. 6 stars out of 10. Definitely room for improvement. I wish there was a really good ramen place in Calgary. I would be there everyday. 

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