Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Red's Diner
1415 4 St SW

Went to Red's Diner for lunch this week. Located near the trendy 17th Ave, it was a decent walk from the office. The clock struck twelve and I power walked there. 10 minutes later, I found a seat at the bar counter. I ordered a glass of freshly poured
Tropicana orange juice and quickly browsed the two sided menu. It was a toss up between the short rib hash & eggs and waffle wedges. I went with the short ribs (Probably check out the waffles the next time around). It was a Tuesday and apparently it was one of the busiest Tuesday they ever had. Despite of it this, the food was prepared in a timely manner and the service was still decent. I guess it wasn't really that bad because I showed up 10 after and still had a choice of seats. I just chose the bar. Do note, if you are not a fan of waiting in lines for food (who isn't? That's the best part!), Monday to Wednesdays are the best days to go. Apparently. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this because then everyone will go... and I'd have to wait. So yeah. Thursdays and Fridays... Or the weekend. Yes. Check it out then.

The short ribs, mixed with seasoned potatoes, peppers and onions, were very tender and full of flavour. It was kind of a smoky barbecue-y flavour. It is then topped with over easy eggs and few slices of toast. Very delicious. I've been craving some pb & j sandwiches lately so that certainly eased the cravings. Similar to other diners, the portions were decent...-ly large. I was stuffed when I was finished. Had to slowly walk back so that I wouldn't get cramps or something. 7 Stars out of 10.

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