Saturday, October 23, 2010

Memory Foam Focaccia Bread

CHARCUT Roast House
899 Centre St S
So Monday after our professional ethics exam, Jordan and I decided to check out CHARCUT again before heading back to work. I needed some yummy food to make myself feel better after the exam. I spend all weekend studying (Read: Cramming, as I've had over 2 months to prepare for it). It was no big deal. More like an excuse to eat out. Woot! 
I don't know what my deal is with going to CHARCUT but I never seem to remember to bring my camera. My apologies in advance for the crappy (crappier than usual) photo quality. I'm thinking of getting a new camera (Probably another point and shoot), don't know which kind so I'm taking my time. 
We strolled in shortly after they opened for lunch. Probably the first (Unfortunately, no prizes were presented for being the first patrons of the day). No matter. There are many things to like about CHARCUT, delicious food, inviting decor... but one of my favourite things (besides the food) is the raggedy towel. The style and texture of it is very rustic. You can use it to wipe your mouth after your meal and then wipe your hands after changing the oil for your car. It's multi purpose. It's great. 
We ordered the CHARCUT lunch all at once. The feature of the day was the roasted pepper and tomato soup, BLT with cheese, a side of fries and cookies for an incredible price of $15! The soup, topped with ricotta cheese was very flavourful. Sandwiched between toasted memory foam soft focaccia bread is crispy bacon, garden fresh arugula and tomatoes and topped with a mild smoked cheddar. Delish. These guys make the most amazingest focaccia bread. If you are a follower of the blog you will no doubt find that I compare the relative softness of everything to CHARCUT's bread (Mohs scale of hardness for bread). And if you are not a follower. Shame on you. Click on the follow button on the right right now! The fries were super crispy and seasoned with salt and parmesan cheese shavings. The cookies (There was 2 of them) were of the cranberry and oatmeal(?) variety. Despite eating them 4 hours later, they were still very good. 

10 Stars out of 10. I love CHARCUT, as do this fat pig who is dancing merrily to the slaughter house. So you know it's good. 

I can't wait till I get cut up to crispy strips of bacon! 

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  1. Charcut is delicious. I've yet to find it's equal when it comes to the lunchtime sandwich.