Friday, April 30, 2010

The Village of Japan

Japanese Village
317 10 Ave SW

Went to Japanese Village for Tobi and Chris's birthday lunch today! I love Japanese Village and would recommend it to everybody because the experience is unlike any other place I've been to before. The fork and spatula tossing, the drum beating, the cheesy scripted dialog (Like did you really get your salmon from the bow river? I highly doubt it), the flaming oil, and the singing and dancing, the entertainment's all there! It almost makes the price justifiable. Almost. And that is why I like going at lunch. Cut the entertainment and get to the food, which is just a delicious, except at a faction of the price! Teriyaki beef and chicken combo for less than 10 dollars? You can't get any cheaper than that! This amazing deal comes with soup or salad, one free cup of green tea, veggies and bean sprouts and a bowl of rice. The portions for dinner are a little bigger and I think you get some ice cream, but is it worth twice the price? Not the second time around. Don't get me wrong, the food is still amazing, but given the opportunity to go at lunch or dinner, lunch is clearly the better deal.

Also, always ask for the ever so delicious sesame sauce. You get it when you order the teriyaki beef or the steak but you can always ask for it. It's super yummy. I could probably eat a plain bowl of rice, or two, with just the sauce (It's the dish on the left at the top). So good. And since they cook it all in front of you, you are guarantee to walk out smelling like teriyaki sauce, which may or may not be a good thing.

One more thing to note is, unless you have them cook it in the kitchen, the presentation will never be as good as this. Special thanks to Russ for letting me take a picture of his dish.

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  1. I've always wanted to try this place - My Mom and Dad went there to celebrate my Dad getting his CA designation umpteen years ago and the little Polaroid of that evening is one of the few photographs I can clearly see in my memory from my childhood.
    Thanks for the lunchtime tip - we'll have to try it out soon.