Friday, April 23, 2010


Mykonos Greek Restaurant and Lounge
1121 Centre St. N

My experiences with Greek cuisine is limited to that of Opa! which isn't really saying much. So when we were going to go out for dinner at Mykonos, I was super pumped! Amanda and I had the saganaki which they flamed at our table. The flame was so high, it hit the ceiling! It was so cool but all I could think about was the importance of fireproofing. Opa! indeed. I wish I had gotten a picture of it.

Anyway, I got the lamb shank special. It was pretty good. The meat was really tender and it didn't have that sometimes overwhelming lamb taste so that was a bonus. The dish came with salad, rice and potatoes. My only beef was the potatoes were really sour. Maybe it's suppose to be really sour? I don't know.

This was also my first plate breaking experience, pretty excited! We spent a good 5 to 10 minutes talking about how embarrassing it would be if you threw the plate into the pit and it didn't break. As we stood before the pit, we noticed there were several unscathed plates, more mockery ensued. I decided to practice my Frisbee throw as I whaled it into the wall. The plate shattered into a billion (slight exaggeration) pieces, it gave me a sense of ease knowing that my plate will not stick out in a sea of ceramic shards and become the mockery of fellow patrons of this fair establishment, unlike the other guest of my party.

Amato Gelato
2104 Kensington Rd NW

Following our plate destruction, we headed to Amato Gelato for some ice cream. They had a million different flavours, it was amazing! I had the Swiss vanilla almond? (Or was it vanilla Swiss almond?) and the one with the rum. It was super creamy and delicious! Om nom nom nom!

Giuseppe's Italian Deli and Market
1207 1 St SW

Went to Giuseppe's for lunch today with Jordan. Fridays are usually busy at Giuseppe's, the wait for pizzas was "approximately 20 minutes". Normally I would have said "Eff that!", but I promised I would get it the next time I go, so I toughed it out. It ended up being an half hour wait. Brutal... ANND on top of that, the prices have been increased by a dollar. Booo!

Anyway, I got the Four Seasons, I'm not sure why it was called that because there was only 3 toppings; Pepperoni, mushrooms and anchovies. The toppings were placed within their respective third of the pizza so you could never get mushrooms with pepperoni. I guess it's a bonus if you hate mushrooms or something, though I'm not sure why you would get this if that were the case... The pizza dough was very crispy unlike that of Pulcinella. I find the dough is usually really soft and gooey there, perhaps because it's thicker? I don't know. Anyway, it was pretty good but I'm still bitter that they raised the price!

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