Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yodel - Ay - EEE - Oooo

The Yodelling Sausage
Stephen Avenue

For those who have not been to The Yodelling Sausage, you have not lived. The rolling sausage grill is located on Stephen Avenue somewhere between centre street and 3rd street (I think the guy moves around). It's usually accompanied by a lineup that stretches around the block. But it's that good! The bratwurst is ingeniously stuffed into a fresh baguette via a hole that is poked into one end of the bun to keep all the delicious condiments inside. I had the curry wurst which was the regular wurst with curry ketchup. The outside of the bun was a little crispy while the inside was soft and soaked with the delicious tangy curry ketchup. So good. And best of all, it was less than 5 dollars. Woot!

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