Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Party!

Wainwright Hotel, Heritage Park
1900 Heritage Drive SW

The annual work summer party was held this weekend at Heritage Park. A choice of strip loin, salmon or vegetarian was available. I had the strip loin, which I will get to in a second. First up was the salad. Leafy greens with blue cheese. Not a huge fan of blue cheese, the taste... the smell... the after taste... just uuuggghh... To keep everyone entertained between plates, prizes were given away in draws and challenges. Unfortunately, I did not win anything.

The strip loin was served with steamed vegetables and scalloped potatoes and topped with a ridiculously salty gravy. It was so salty it was bitter. The mushrooms, likely cooked with the sauce, were so bad that they couldn't be eaten on their own without chugging down a glass of water afterwards. We had the summer party here a few years now and I would say this was perhaps the worst showing. To not be a total downer, the meat was very tender and decent enough to eat without the sauce.

The dessert consisted of an apple pastry topped with ice cream and fruit. The tartness of the apple balanced the sweetness of the ice cream really well. This was, without a doubt, the tastiest of the three courses. More draws and challenges ensued as well as the fun money casino. The night was capped off with an auction with the fun money for even more prizes! I was rolling with over $500000 (If only that was real money!) but couldn't compete with the million dollars that everyone else had. I pooled my money with some friends and was able to win a gift card to Home Depot. Sweet.

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