Friday, June 11, 2010

The Crepe Escape

Sunterra Market
Bankers Hall +15 level, 855-2 Street SW

Went to Sunterra for lunch today. I ordered the smoked salmon brie crepe. I'm pretty certain the cashier charged me the wrong price because there was no way it cost only 4 dollars. You can't even get a happy meal at McDonalds for 4 dollars. Oh well! The crepe was decent. Wrapped with a paper thin crepe are strips of smoked salmon meat and brie. Nothing too spectacular. It is finished off with caper, onions and a scoop of roasted vegetables. The veggies were over roasted and likely been sitting in the pan for a week or so. Look at that zucchini! It looks like a frickin' mushroom! And the broccoli... Sick!

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