Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have you been?

Bumper's Beef House
603 Banff Ave. Banff, Alberta

Dinner at Bumper's Beef House with the Fam Jam this weekend after a gut bursting brunch at the Banff Springs. Bumper's is a wood framed building located adjacent to the Bumper's Inn and Husky gas station along the main street coming into Banff. A very old west and mountain chalet-esque type decor, at the center of the dining room stands a massive 2 storey tall lumber jack. The restaurant, established in 1975, sports the slogan "If you haven't been to bumpers, you haven't been to Banff". If that's the case, I've only been to Banff twice.

I had the daily feature, garlic sauteed shrimp with prime rib. I'm pretty sure they had the same special last time I was there... All meals are served with the "all you can eat" salad bar. I can't say I'm a super huge fan of all you can eat anything. Mostly because I don't eat enough to make it worthwhile. In addition to the all you can eat salad, a choice of baked potato, fries or rice is served with the entrees along with a scoop of carrots. The rice is likely of the Uncle Ben's variety and apparently not very good. The baked potatoes came with a giant bowl of sour cream and butter. Probably enough butter to last you a year. Or two. It's crazy. The sauteed shrimps were decent. They were a little small but I guess if they were any larger, they would be called prawns? The prime rib was not flavoured with any seasoning and relied heavily on the au jus. The meat was very tender, my piece had a fairly large chunk of fat... : S Had to cut around it. The portions were pretty generous. For those who can really pack it in, you can always get more veggies from the salad bar. Overall, it was fairly decent. I've definitely had better (I also would have preferred a ribeye steak but whateves). I wouldn't make a special trip there to check it out.

On a side note, an interesting article talking about the difference between prime rib and ribeye. Have a gander if you are bored.

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