Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sushi Smooshi

Sushi Hibiki
630 1 St Ave NE

Checked out Sushi Hibiki in Bridgeland this week. Located in the little strip mall along Edmonton Trail, Sushi Hibiki is a little hole in the wall offering a variety of Japanese cuisine.

I started off with some yummy sashimi. Shake, toro, scallop, hamachi and idtakko (baby octopus). The sashimi was pretty fresh. The cuts were pretty decent sized for the price (It's no Taiyo though). The baby octopus was 'pickled' with a sesame oil or something. Not totally sure. I thought it was going to be raw but definitely not the case (I suppose there isn't a huge market for raw baby octopus in town). It was pretty decent though. And I got 3 of them. I'm almost positive I've had these somewhere else, but not at a Japanese restaurant. Probably at some Chinese place. Everything was served together on a glass plate that was probably two times too big. Made me feel like I didn't order enough.

The tonkotsu ramen arrived shortly after with a small order of chicken
karaage, or deep fried chicken. It's probably not made with 11 secret herbs and spices like KFC but it was just as good. If not better. I bet you one of the ingredients is love. Topped with a boiled egg, corn nibblet, wakame (seaweed) and green onion, the soup was very flavourful. It was served in a bowl that I used to have at home. But then I dropped it (Like it's hawt) and we got new bowls. Definitely had a homey feel. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have the same plate at home.

7.5 stars out of 10. They have a nice variety of dishes. Typical sushi and sashimi and an assortment of rolls. The parking lot is pretty chaotic though. If you are parked directly behind the gas station, you might have issues coming out later. Just sayin'.

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