Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday Sundae

1886 Buffalo Cafe
187 Barclay Parade SW

Went to Eighteen Eighty Six Buffalo Cafe for some quick eats last weekend (A couple weekends now) with Judy after our intense 10K training in the morning. I can't tell you anything fancy about the restaurant like when it opened or the special meaning behind the name because it doesn't have a website. : ( All I know is it's the house behind the Barley Mill. They serve breakfast and brunch items and they are voting for
Barb (FYI: That was not the link to the mayoral candidate page. Because here at F-log For Thought, we are very much apathetic. I don't judge a restaurant based on it's political stance).

Anyway, in preparation for the official race (which was last Sunday), I decided to have something healthy. Sort of. A breakfast sundae! Piled high to the sky was yummy fruits (strawberries, blueberry, kiwi and a bunch of other stuff) and crunchy granola in a choice of plain or blueberry yogurt. So delicious. Fruit is healthy right?! It came with 4 pieces of toast which I also devoured with some peanut butter and jam. Om nom nom nom! 7 stars out of 10.

Anyway, for those who care, I finished my first ever 10K race with a personal best: 00:46:17.23. Go me!

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