Sunday, September 26, 2010

Field Trip!

Khublai Mongolian Szechuan Cuisine
349 10 Ave SW

Friday was
Steel Day and my work organized a field trip to a local steel fabrication shop. At around 10:30, we met down stairs to head out together since transportation was provided. I joked with some friends about how hilarious it would be if our boss pulled up in a school bus a la Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus showing us the process of how structural steel is made. 'Seatbelts, everyone!' He would say. We eagerly waited for our transport to arrive. No bus. Not even a van. We did see a limo pull up to the mustard seed... Those guys at the Seed? Total ballers. We continued to look for our bus as the limo began to back up. It turns out, we will be riding out to the steel shop in limo. 'Cause that's how we roll. Baller stylez.

So anyway, after the tour, we hit up Khublai on 10th Ave for some food. After being seated, the server explained how everything worked. So basically, it's kind of like a buffet... You grab a bowl, two options were available, a large... and a small, and you fill it with an assortment of noodles, meats and veggies. Pour some sauce on top and drop it off at the grill, where they weigh it ($2.79/100g) and cook it. I grabbed a large bowl and began loading it up. Shanghai noodles, egg noodles, mushrooms, bean sprouts, beef, tenderloin, scallop, squid, shrimp and BBQ pork. For sauces, there's a billion different combinations available for you to mix and match to create the ultimate dressing to fulfil your deepest desire. For those who lack cooking skills (such as myself), there are recipes posted for you to follow along. I had the 'Genghis Khan'. It was a super complicated recipe, with millions of ingredients... Not really. I just forgot what was in it. I think there was 5 or 6 things. But it was pretty good. I doubled up on the recipe because I thought I had loaded up my bowl but it turned out I got the least food out of everyone. 7 stars out of 10. This really could have gone either way. Maybe I have some secret culinary talent that I have yet to unlock. Maybe... Hardly. Check out my masterpiece below.

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