Saturday, September 11, 2010

Teatro Reloaded

200 - 8th Avenue SE

Went to Teatro again last week (See part 1
here). The rotisserie chicken we saw last week looked really good and I wanted to try it. We hauled ass down there for lunch. We were quickly seated upon arriving. I pretended to look at the menu, I knew what I wanted. It turns out everyone else wanted the chicken as well. We flagged down our server (Not really, he came back and asked if we were ready). Marie went first, she wanted the rotisserie chicken. The waiter then informed us that that was the last chicken. I was like Noooooo...! and shook my fist at Marie. One day... (Maybe we should have flagged down the server earlier. Or better yet, pre-order on the phone!) I quickly skimmed through the menu and ordered the rigatoni. Jordan and Kristel ordered the grilled vegetable lasagna.

The rigatoni was topped with ham shavings, parmesan cheese and a light green pea
veloute. It was really good but I was definitely disappointed that they ran out of chicken. There wasn't even that many people there that day. Seriously, did everyone else order chicken?!? The two pasta dishes didn't come with fries or salads but the portions were big enough to induce an afternoon nap. Thank god I got a coffee afterwards.

So anyway, I took a picture of Marie's chicken so everyone can ogle at it.

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  1. I feel your disappointment, and really Teatro should manage their demand better, if they're sold out 20 min into lunch every day.