Saturday, September 4, 2010

Service Optional

Cafe HK
100 - 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd NW

Went to Cafe HK for lunch last weekend (2 weekends now. Been super busy). Cafe HK is located on the other side of T.Pot (Hang a right when you enter the door. Can't miss it. Literally). Normally, I get the wonton noodles when I go but decided to switch it up that day. I tried ordering a couple of things but they seem to have stopped making them. Probably a good idea to update the menu. It's not like they have an extensive menu anyway! Compared to Calgary Court and Sun Chiu Kee, or even Pebble Street, the options at Cafe HK is severely lacking. And they are all owned by the same people!

Anyway, I ended up having the bibimbap because I was craving it from the day before. Seasoned barbecued beef topped eggs over rice and veggies. The barbecue sauce was likely from T & T next door. In fact, I think my mom has a jar of it at home. It's really good, kind of sweet. Mmmmmm... The veggies? Not so much. It had a funny taste to it. It wasn't a pickled or kimchi taste. Just a funny one. The stone (read: ceramic) bowl is coated with an oil (possibly of the sesame variety) before the rice is placed to make the rice super crispy and golden brown. That's the idea anyway. What ended up happening was the bottom layer touching the bowl got completely burnt. How unfortunate. 5 out of 10 stars. I should really get cracking on these reviews... But I'm so lazy... : (

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