Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Musical Taste

Bistro Piq Niq
811 1 St SW
Big Taste outing number 4. Went out with the work crew for Russ's birthday at Bistro Piq Niq. Located in the historic Grain Exchange building which was built in 1910 and featured one of the slowest elevators ever made (according to Arvid, you can walk briskly up the stairs to the fourth floor faster than taking the elevator), Bistro Piq Niq is located on street level and as such, we were unable to verify this claim. The restaurant is fairly small on the main floor with a lounge type dealio downstairs which features live jazz music by pros and amateurs at night. It's pretty sweet. You can find additional event information here
For Big Taste 2011, Bistro Piq Niq is offering a $25 lunch and $35 dinner. For the lunch feature, two choices were available for the appetizers. I chose the feature soup of the day. It was a purée of carrots with a ginger extract and some sort of leafy green vegetable (maybe parsley) on top. I’m just a blogger who likes food. Don’t hate. The soup was very smooth and creamy. Probably pureed with a Tom Dickson Extreme Blender or something. What can't it blend?!?

Entree consisted of a choice of the feature quiche of the day with salad or duck confit over a boar bacon cassoulet. Not to be confused with a casserole. It looked pretty amazing (and tasted as such. I can verify this as Jordan was gracious enough to offer me a small scoop of duck and beans). I actually got the quiche. Brie, asparagus and mushroom filled the flakey pie crust along with an egg mixture. So good. The quiche was very flavourful. My only complaint was that it was too small. Each serving only consisted of 1/8 of the entire pie. I could have eaten the whole thing. Or at least two slices.

The dessert featured a Callebaut Chocolate mousse. This is the second mousse in two days and I'd have to say this one was much better than the mousse at La Vita e Bella. Served in a cocktail glass, the chocolate mousse is topped with some blueberries and a crispy pastry stick. It was so smooth and creamy, melted in my mouth like that snow mount on the side of the road during a chinook. Delish. 

Trying something new for this post. Rather than giving a rating, I will answer some of these common questions one asks before venturing to a new dining establishment.
Are the chairs comfy? Yes, the seats were pretty comfy. If I didn't have to go back to work, I would have had a nap there.
What type of background music do they play? Jazz music play in the background. If listening to anything other than Justin Bieber makes you vomit in the mouth, then I suggest you expand the breadth of your music taste and go back to your algebra homework.
Was it tasty? It was very tasty. 
Do you have to rob a bank to dine there? F-Log For Thought does not endorse such criminal activities. Please apply for a loan at your bank prior to dining at Bistro Piq Niq. It is worth every penny though.
What if I'm a vegetarian? Don't order the meat dishes.
Is there parking nearby? Yes. Street parking is available if you are lucky and a pay lot around the back if you are not.
How many thumbs up would you give it? Two. As I only have 2 hands. 

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