Monday, February 21, 2011

OC Bound

Artisan Bistro
809 1 Ave NE
Checked out Artisan Bistro just before heading out to the OC last week. Located in Bridgeland, Artisan Bistro is a family run restaurant serving up tasty Spanish and French fusion cuisine. The place had a look that was everything that I ever imagined a bistro would be, from the dusty chalk board that featured the specials of the day to the double table cloth and fresh flower table decorations, the atmosphere exudes an sense of coziness. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. 
For lunch, I had the Artisano sandwich. It came with a bowl of soup and a garden salad. Shortly after placing my order, a steaming bowl of hearty soup arrived in front of me. The feature soup of the day was the seafood chowder. Chunks of shrimp and clam were blended in with a medley of potatoes, vegetables and chopped onions. So tasty. 

My sandwich arrived shortly after. In fact, I was still sipping on my soup whilst playing Angry Birds. Chunks of marinated beef were sandwiched between a slightly toasted bun with lettuce, tomatoes and an avocado puree. I liked how it was chunks of beef and not a patty made of cow parts. Not that I’m super picky with what I stuff in my mouth. 

It was a pretty sweet day overall. I met the whole gang from the OC and got this sweet group photo of them. Check it out! They said they loved my blog and asked for my autograph. So flattering. 

Anyway, the scores:
Atmosphere: 7.5 out of 10. Such a cute little bistro. 
Food: 7 out of 10. The food was really good. Ingredients were fresh. Portions were a little on the small side.
Presentation: 7 out of 10. Good presentation. 
Price: 5 out of 10. Despite offering a soup and salad as a side, it is still pretty pricey for what you get. 
Service: 7 out of 10. Decent service.
Overall: 7 out of 10. Pretty good experience overall. 
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PS The OC I’m talking about is probably not the OC you are thinking about. 

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