Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Standards

Ten Peaks Food Court
Box 5, 1 Whitehorn Road
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
It was the long weekend last week, I headed out to Louise with my best friends Hazel and Harley for some snowboarding. The weather was amazing! When we first arrived at the hill, the gondola was closed for service. As a result, there was a massive lineup going up the remaining chairlift. It turned out to be not too bad as a lot of people left because of it. 
Never been known for bringing my lunch (anywhere), I stopped by one of the food kiosk for some eats. Starving from having spend all morning tumbling down the hill, I ordered a burger with cheese and bacon. The portion, though average in size, was a lot bigger than what I anticipated. A relatively cooked beef patty was topped with a slice of kraft singles cheddar cheese and a couple strips of crispy, greasy bacon. All this was sandwiched between a sesame seed bun with some lettuce that was cut for a salad, two slices of tomato and pickles and onions. As you can see in the picture, I have already begun picking out all the pieces of onions and pickles. Can't say that I'm a huge fan. Maybe if the onions were cooked... But definitely not pickles. 

The bar was set pretty low for this burger. I was definitely not expecting some fancy meat filet with condiments that cost more than my life savings. But it was pretty decent. Prices were not too bad either. It's no 99¢ everyday deal at McDonald's that's for sure but it didn't cost an arm and a leg either. Just an arm.
No ratings for this entry as 90% of the categories do not apply. I guess you guys will just have to read it straight up. Awwww... How about this nice picture of the mountains as a substitute?

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