Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shortest Lunch Ever!

100, 207 9 Ave SW

Every time I walk by Rush, whether during lunch or dinner, there's usually three or four people sitting inside sipping a glass of wine. I always wonder to myself, how could this place continue to be in business with so little traffic?! Today (Yesterday), I found out. Hidden behind the bar counter and massive wine cellar is a cosy yet elegant dinning area with private rooms that are perfect for special functions. The ambiance of the restaurant, despite being quite dark, exudes a sense of warmth through the use of different types of lighting. I was fortunate enough to have a ceiling light shine directly on top of my portion of the table to take a sweet photo of my dish.

I had the seared ahi tuna salad for lunch. Mixed greens with cherry tomatoes and cashews drizzled with a wasabi-champagne vinaigrette is paired with four thinly sliced seasoned seared ahi tuna. Outside of cloverleaf's canned tuna, I don't think I've ever had tuna that is fully cooked. It' always been raw or lightly seared on the outside. It probably because the meat gets significantly tougher as you cook it. I can't complain though because it was amazing. The mixed greens were fresh and likely supplied from local growers, the dressing was light and didn't have the nasal stimulation one would normally experience after chowing down on a big wad of wasabi.

Despite ordering from the "larger plates" section of the menu, there wasn't that much food as I was hungry a couple of hours later. Quality and taste was top notch but size was definitely lacking. Though, I suspect most people who dine here will likely order more than one item. Again rating on taste alone, this would be a solid 7.5 out of 10.

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