Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is that a building code violation?

Nectar Desserts
1216 9th Avenue SE

Nectar Desserts have this weird policy of not accepting parties greater than 6 during the week. The table we were at could have easily fitted two more people but Nectar claims "the strain that serving larger groups places on our food and beverage preparation can result in our guest receiving poor service." (Read: Inept). As a result, our two friends whom arrived later had to sit at a nearby table.

I ordered the retro red velvet cake with vanilla bean frosting. It was decent. The cake might have been a little dry but not bad. The icing was quite sweet. Alana apparently really enjoyed it as she ate a good chunk on mine as I chattered with Darren and Sheila. 7 out of 10 stars.

It's also interesting to note that although they are located on the second floor, Nectar is, somehow, not equipped with an elevator. This is a major problem if you are
Stevie Kenarban and you wanted some red velvet cake. It's really unfortunate. : (


  1. 7/10 is a little too generous LaiD. At most, i'd give the whole experience a 5/10.
    I didn't take too well on the waiting for 10-15 mins to be seated part, and another
    15 mins to get your order. How hard is it to cut a slice of pre-made cake, place it on a plate & serve it?! 2 mins tops!
    And their policy of not serving any groups bigger than 4 is pretty lame. Can they not
    put 2 tables together (which they had room for) just to accommodate to a larger group???
    I guess having to take too many orders, all at once, from their 10 item menu places too much of a strain on their incompetency!

    Who the hell is Stevie Kenarban??? The only person that pops into my head is Urkel,
    which apparently he is not due to the fact that he's sitting on a wheeled chair - he's just a lazy black kid as far as i know. So, pls enlighten me.

    On addition to your note, Nectar is not handicapped-friendly. I agree that if a handy is craving for a dessert & he/she is steered to this place, going up those 15+ stairs would be quite the challenge for the physically challenged. The stairs pose a potential hazard to anybody seeing as it was pretty steep.

    This place is a lawsuit waiting to happen!
    I could see it now: a person w/ girth, after somewhat enjoying his dessert meal(s), prepares his downward plight towards the steep flight of stairs. Exhausted from his night of gourging, he trustingly braces himself on the toothpick-size rail looking to aid w/ his every step down. Being limited to see underneath his girthness, he embarks on his first step blindly. As he takes on his first step he misjudges the steepness of it
    (as it was not like all the other stairs he's encountered in the past) and throws off his balance. Realizing this he then attempts to thrusts all of his weight on the railing hoping it'd assist him w/ his equilibrium but to no avail. The rail succumbs under his weight & sends this man of girth tumbling down the steep flight of stairs...
    tsk tsk

    I ordered a cake, which kind I can no longer wasn't the Velvet cake, which I should've gotten - slightly more to my liking.
    I don't remember it to be anything noteworthy or of at a bargain price hence my rating of a generous 5 out of 10.
    Could've gone to T & T and would've been more satisfied.

    Pros: Velvet cake, cake portion size, friendly staff (if u swing that way)

    Cons: the steep stairs, service, unaccommodating to large groups (5), variety, the prices being non asian-friendly

  2. Stevie is the kid in the wheel chair from Malcolm in the Middle! Did you not watch that show?