Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Greatest Fast Food Chain Ever?

Koryo Korean BBQ
Level 4 - 317 7 Ave SW
The situation: You are power shopping at the local mall. Hunger strikes. You head to the food court to find a plethora of greasy fast food chains. Do you want the double quarter pounder with cheese? Or do you want the two item combo at Tiki Ming?
The solution? Neither of those. What you really want is the chicken and beef combo at Koryo Korean BBQ. For a mere $7.99 + gst, one can get an impressive helping of BBQ beef and chicken. Two choice of sides and two scoops of rice plus a drink! Who can say no to that? Fantastic deal. There is a wide variety of sides to choose from. They all look and taste amazing but what you want to get is the garlic potatoes. Smothered in a thick sweet honey garlic sauce, the potatoes are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They are awesome. I’m drooling all over my computer right now. Get it. It'll change your life. Also, when the guy ask you if you want the sauce, the answer is yes.

You may be asking "But David, the mall I'm at doesn't have a Koryo!" Well then, you, my friend, is shopping at the wrong mall. Do some research before you leave next time. 

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