Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't be a Square

Vicious Circle 
1011 1 St SW

 My experience at Vicious Circle is one of love and hate. Love the food; Hate the time it takes for said food to arrive. My latest visit was no different. Though I do feel there was a slight improvement this time around. The restaurant was almost vacant when I arrived, only a couple of tables were being occupied. And remained that way for the duration of our stay. One of the coolest things at Vicious Circle is the menu; It is printed on a steel plate. Not totally sure how that one works with a couple of drunk dudes on a Friday night... But it is still cool nonetheless. Printed on both sides, the menu offers an excellent variety of pub fare. Although an update is overdue as there are several items crossed out with a jiffy marker.

I quickly settled on a BBQ steak melt upon finding my friends Jordan and Russ who arrived early to make sure we got a table (Just kidding, I was just stuck on the phone). The idea here is if you order quick enough, you might get your food faster. Well, that's the idea anyway. My meal arrived about 30 minutes later (New Record!). Marinated in a tangy BBQ sauce, tender strips of steak are served on a piece of toast with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. It is finished by melting a medley of cheese on top. It comes with a choice salad or soup. I was informed the feature soup of the day was chicken noodle (I love chicken noodle soup!). Unless they pureed the crap out of the noodles, this most definitely was not. No matter, cream of chicken is also tasty.

Atmosphere: 5 out of 10. It's pretty cozy with the couches and what not but, like the menu, a reno is probably overdue.
Food: 6 out of 10. Average food.
Presentation: 6 out of 10. Average presentation.
Price: 6 out of 10. Average price.
Service: 5 out of 10. Needs to speed it up a little. But other than that, service was decent.
Overall: 6 out of 10. Average. Maybe just order a few martinis. If you are made of money.

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